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​Competitive rates. Done locally.


It’s Back!

A locally oriented way to save, the Community Bond makes saving money about as flexible as it gets. Whatever you are saving for, this is the way to make it happen. Redeemable, Non-Redeemable, Short-Term, Long-Term – Whatever you are after, the options are here. Plus it carries some bonus features that allow you take your money out early in emergency situations.

With rates higher than they have been in years, now is the time to act. Our Community Bond is a guaranteed return, 100% protected – and the name isn’t just a marketing gimmick. When you keep your money local, it has a big impact on your community. The more money members save with us, the more small businesses we can support, home purchases we can fund, and donations we can give.

The Community Bond is for a limited time only, so lock in your best rate today >

Enjoy the benefits of our Community Bond

  • Great rates! ~ GIC, RRSP, RRIF, TFSA and RESP are all eligible
  • Local ~ The money you invest goes back to our community in the form of loans and mortgages
  • Flexible ~ Some bonds are redeemable allowing you access to your money if an opportunity or emergency arises
  • Health / job interruption feature ~ No penalty if you need to redeem your investment for medical emergencies or job interruption (the entire investment must be redeemed, and it can usually be done the same day)
  • 100% protected ~ by CUDIC