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Cash Cow: The point at which business revenue exceeds owner effort

Whether you’re starting a business, buying or inheriting one or well into the roller coaster of commerce, there will come a point where you want the revenue you earn to eclipse the effort you put into generating it. Cash Cows reveals how other business owners have achieved that goal. It covers future proofing, money management, people, marketing, succession and how to build your commercial cash cow regardless of the small business sector you’re in. It offers genuine wisdom from small business owners across Canada – and the collective wisdom of their financial partners from Canada’s credit unions, the sponsors of this book, and among the leaders in Canadian financial services when it comes to partnering with small business owners in the communities they call home.

Little Black Book of Scams

  • This information is from ‘The Little Black Book of Scams’  produced by the Competition Bureau. The book is a guide to help individuals protect themselves against current scams

Myth Busters
Busting these common myths will minimize your chances of being scammed.

All companies, businesses and organizations are legitimate because they are licensed and monitored by the government: This is not always true. While there are rules about setting up and running a business or a company in Canada, scammers can easily pretend to have approval when they don’t. Even businesses that are licensed could still try to scam you by acting dishonestly.

All Internet websites are legitimate: This is not always true. Websites are quite easy and cheap to set up. The scammers can easily copy a genuine website and trick you into believing it is legitimate.

There are short cuts to wealth that only a few people know: This is not always true. Ask yourself the question: if someone knew a secret to instant wealth, why would they be telling their secret to others?

Scams involve large amounts of money: This is not always true. Sometimes scammers target a large number of people and try to get a small amount of money from each person.

Scams are always about money: This is not always true. Some scams are aimed at stealing personal information from you.

Golden rules
Remember these golden rules to help you beat the scammers.

  • Always get independent advice if an offer involves money, personal information, time or commitment.
  • There are no guaranteed get-rich-quick schemes—sometimes the only people who make money are the scammers.
  • Do not agree to offers or deals right away. If you think you have spotted a great opportunity, insist on time to get independent advice before making a decision.
  • Do not hand over money or personal information, or sign anything until you have done your homework and checked the credentials of the company that you are dealing with.
  • Do not rely on glowing testimonials: find solid evidence of a company’s success.
  • Log directly on to a website that you are interested in rather than clicking on links provided in an email.
  • Never send money, or give credit card or online account details to anyone you do not know and trust.
  • If you spot a scam or have been scammed, get help. Contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, the Competition Bureau or your local police for assistance.

Scammers are imaginative and manipulative. They know how to push your buttons to produce the response they want.

Intercepted Interac e-Transfer® Fraud

Over the last six months we have continued to see intercepted e-Transfer attacks along with media coverage focusing on the victims of these attacks. These attacks are not a result of any flaw with MemberDirect®, Forge or Interac. This type of fraud is the result of a recipient's email being hacked and the criminal using that email to redirect legitimate incoming e-Transfers.

List of tips to help prevent intercepted e-Transfer attacks

  • ​Register for auto deposit (if enabled for your financial institution). Having funds automatically deposited into your account removes the risk of a criminal intercepting the deposit email.
  • Select questions and answers that are not easy for a third party to guess and cannot easily be found on social media. If the notification is intercepted, it will be harder for a criminal to answer and steal the funds.
  • Do not put the answer to the security question in the message box.
  • Be cautious of Phishing links and ensure that you are only transacting with trusted websites, vendors and people. 
  • Immediately notify your financial institution if you sense anything suspicious about your transaction.

Potential Scams – Interac e-Transfer

Did you receive an Interac e-Transfer notification you weren't expecting?
If you received a notification for an Interac e-Transfer that you were not expecting, contact the sender through a different communication channel to verify. If the notification comes from someone you don’t know, or you suspect it may be fraudulent, do not respond or click any links. Forward the email to


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