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EKC Personal Loans

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Vehicle Loan 

Preferred rates on vehicles and RVs 3 years or newer with terms up to 10 years on new vehicles and up to 15 years on RVs, motorhomes and trailers. Vehicles also included are quads, boats, and motorcycles.

RRSP Loan 

If you borrow for unused RRSP contributions room, you can help you take advantage of tax savings and growth opportunities. EKC offers loans to make your annual contribution or catch up on unused contribution room. We offer exceptional rates to help you reach your goals.

Consolidation Loan

If you’re struggling to pay down debt, consider a consolidation loan. It can help lower your monthly payments and put an end to high interest credit card bills.

Home Renovation Loan

Is it time to make your home improvement plans a reality? Whether you want to upgrade a room, create a home office, increase energy efficiency or customize your outdoor space, EKC can help you balance your priorities and your budget.

Credit Building Loan  

Establishing a solid credit rating can support a prosperous future!. Good credit helps determine how high your interest rates will be and whether you're asked to pay additional security deposits. Getting an apartment, a credit card, or a loan becomes more complex and potentially costlier without an established credit history. You can have a win-win when you take a loan for $2,000 and deposit the funds into a term deposit at the same time. You pay back the loan to build your credit and get the money you invested in keeping or reinvesting.

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​RRSP Loan

​If you have unused RRSP contribution room from previous years or you need to borrow a lump sum for just this year's contribution, EKC's RRSP loan can help you catch up and take advantage of the tax savings and investment growth opportunities of an RRSP.


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​Loan calculator

​EKC’s handy calculator helps you estimate how much you can afford to borrow, your payment schedule, and more. 

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