Pay yourself first and accumulate your wealth! EKC'S ACCUMULATOR can help you save money.

The ACCUMULATOR really works for you, giving you flexibility, convenience and great rates. It's easy for you to save for family vacations, taxes, RRSP's, or even a down payment on your dream home. Remember, YOU decide! We help make it happen.

With the ease and flexibility of monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly payments automatically debited from your EKC account, you save as you go. EKC's ACCUMULATOR earns you a better rate of interest than a savings account. We make it so easy for you to save. You choose your term, the amount you want to save, and when you want to make the payments, and we do the rest! Minimum $50.00 per month required. Choose from a 1-year term, up to a 5-year term. You can begin your ACCUMULATOR with an initial deposit, or simply save as you go! YOU get to choose.

Interest is compounded and paid annually. The periodic payment term is one (1) year only, and expires prior to the first anniversary date of the ACCUMULATOR. No interest is payable if the ACCUMULATOR is redeemed prior to it reaching its full certificate value. If redeemed after the ACCUMULATOR reaches its full certificate value, it is then redeemable with the posted penalty rate at time of purchase.

Your savings help make your dreams happen. Imagine having the money to take your kids on a holiday, you won't have to put it off or use your credit card. This is something you won't want to miss!