Important Notices

GLOBAL PAYMENT MasterCard® and MEMBER CARD® Debit Card Acceptance in U.S. and International ATMs

If you are traveling out of country the following are a few things to remember:

  • MEMBER CARD Debit Card can be used to withdraw funds at a U.S. or International ATM displaying the CIRRUS symbol
  • GLOBAL PAYMENT MasterCard® will NOT be accepted at U.S. or International ATMs
  • GLOBAL PAYMENT MasterCard® will continue to be accepted as a MasterCard at retail outlets for purchases and can also be used to get a MasterCard cash advance

Should you not have a MEMBER CARD Debit Card, we strongly encourage you to obtain one to maintain access to U.S. and International ATMs.

ATM Directory Reference Guide for Students

As you move away from home to pursue post-secondary education, you’ll naturally have questions about how to access your credit union accounts in your new community. Accessing your account through credit union surcharge-free ATMs close to your college or university means that any participating ATM is your ATM with the same great services and no service fees! It’s a great way to save your money for what’s really important.

The ATM Directory Reference Guide for Students is designed to help you find surcharge-free ATMs on or near college and university campuses across Canada. This guide lists each college and university alphabetically by province and identifies credit union ATM availability on campus and those located within a five kilometre radius.

The ATM network service is also listed to help identify those ATMs that operate via the ACCULINK® network, THE EXCHANGE® network or both. The data presented in this guide is for reference only, and is current as of September 2009.

You can continue to benefit from having access to your own credit union’s services through the credit union network of surcharge-free ATMs whether you’ve moved across the city or across the country. Now your credit union account goes where you go and your money is always close by when you need it.

This credit union ATM guide is just another way Canadian credit unions are here to help you plan for a brighter future.


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