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  • Crash Course on Credit Cards

    Used responsibly, credit cards can be helpful in an emergency and for establishing a credit history. But you and your child should be clear when and how the card will be used and who will be paying the bill. Think of the tips listed below as a course outline. PDF 215 KB

  • Life After School: Tips to Create a Strong Financial Future

    Ah yes, life after school. Welcome to a bold new world where you aren’t forced to spend thousands on textbooks and where participation doesn’t count as half your grade. Oh — and you know that nightmare you’ve had for the past few years? The one where you show up to write that final exam naked? That’s gone too! Good times. PDF 587 KB

  • Crash Course on Credit Cards

    These days, financial institutions and credit card companies are eager to introduce students to the convenience of plastic. That’s why it’s so important to home school your children in Credit 101 and give them ground rules for using credit before they even leave home. This article offers 10 important credit card tips to discuss with your child. PDF 190 KB

  • Student Budgeting

    College or university courses teach you more than just specific job skills; they teach you how to gather, understand, evaluate and apply information. And all of these skills are critical to managing your finances as a student. This article offers basic budgeting tips to help students make their money last while going to school. PDF 180 KB

  • Student Loans 101

    Are you planning to go to college or university? Better start saving now because the average cost of tuition in Canada ranges from $2,500 to $8,000 per year and is increasing annually. Going to school is expensive, but before you rush out and get a student loan, here are some things to consider. This article outlines the basic factors young adults should consider when saving up and raising money for school. PDF 203 KB


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