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What would you like to do today? 


​EKC supports outdoor learning

​EKC donated $8,000 to Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN) to help teachers take learning outside. 

​Bank where you belong!

​Decisions are made locally; profits are shared with members and the communities. Your bottom line is our bottom line.


​Together through life

​At EKC, we make sure you’re ready for each stage of your life with products, services and local support designed to help you achieve your goals. 


Helpful resources

Building a Budget

Keep your spending in check with these helpful tips. 

Demystifying Mortgages

​Find out the facts and let us help you plan for your new home. From saving for your downpayment to moving in, EKC is the place to get advice for getting a morgage.

​Saving for Retirement

​Learn the positive money habits that help you retire stress free.

​Check out our Learning Centre

​Get helpful tips, free resources and more!

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