Why CreditMaster®?

Local Decisions. Local Approvals. Local Money.

All of our personal mortgages are available with our CreditMaster® feature — a product designed by members to save you money NOW and in the future! CreditMaster® will provide you with the most flexible mortgage in the industry!

You can capitalize on the equity growth in your home, while avoiding future legal costs, and receive preferred pricing on future borrowing.

Multiple Borrowing Feature

An unlimited number of loans can be created under our CreditMaster® Mortgage. Go on vacation, remodel your kitchen, make a timely investment or have a line of credit available to you "just in case!

Multiple Term Feature

An unlimited number of concurrent loans are available with the flexibility of choosing your term lengths. Split them into any number of short, medium or long-term lengths, then arrange them any way you like; open or closed, fixed or variable.

  • available to you for whatever YOU want, whenever YOU want it
  • borrow up to 80% of the appraised value of your home
  • one-time registration and legal fees will save you time and money
  • you're saving money when you get preferential rates on all borrowing
  • structure your payment schedule to suit your individual needs
  • YOU are in control of your money- you have the ability to get the lower short-term rates AND save money by balancing them with the protection of long-term "lock-in" rates
  • get the combination of an open and closed mortgage and have the ability to pay out larger amounts of your loan without paying a penalty

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