EKC members with a Collabira Credit Card can use Quicken

 is a personal financial management software that provides users with a complete financial picture at a glance; banking, investment, retirement and credit card activity all in one place.

With Quicken, cardholders can view and pay bills, create budgets, track investments, and use tools for property management, while keeping all data safe and secure.

What will this enhancement mean to cardholders?
From MyCardInfo, cardholders will be able to download their last 90 days transaction history in a file that’s compatible with Quicken software and import it into Quicken.

Quicken FAQs

What types of Quicken software are supported?
The file download will be accepted by the desktop version of Quicken for Windows and Mac. Quicken online is not supported.

What are the Quicken system requirements?
Cardholders may view the system requirements here. Please note that we only support the desktop version.

Only last 90 days of transactions can be downloaded. Can card activity beyond this date range be included?
Cardholders can access up to 90 days of transactions. However, they can use transaction data from their previous statements and input them manually in the file.

Why do cardholders need to download a file? Why can they not import the transactions automatically into the Quicken software?
Unfortunately, we do not offer this type of connectivity.

Why are all the transactions not showing up?
Recent transactions may not appear as they have not yet posted to the account. Cardholders should check the date range they select to make sure all the transactions are included.

Is this download process safe? Is cardholder data protected?
This download process is completely safe.

Who should cardholders contact for help?
If cardholders experience any issues regarding the download file process, they should contact Cardholder Services at 1.855.341.4643.

For issues regarding the upload to Quicken desktop software and processes, they should contact Quicken Support at 650.250.1900. Quicken support is available from 5:00am PT to 5:00pm PT, Monday through Friday.