MemberDirect® Online Banking

MemberDirect online banking gives you the freedom to bank whenever and where ever you choose — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.You can login from any page on our site and pay bills, transfer funds or just watch how your savings have grown! Sign up today with one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

  • view account information and receive updated balances
  • pay bills and set up future-dated bill payments
  • add or remove bills — hundreds of vendors available
  • transfer funds between accounts; within a membership or to another member's account
  • download statement information to 3rd party software such as Intuit's Quicken, Money
    or Quickbooks
  • download e-Statements
  • Members can now transfer into their RRSP Savings and TFSA Savings* accounts
    *existing accounts only

Nicknames for Payees in MemberDirect

Did you know you can nickname your vendors when you are in the bill payment section of MemberDirect?

Often it becomes confusing if you have several bills for the same company. For example you may have a hydro account for your home and your cabin. Nicknames could be Hydro Home and Hydro Cabin.

It’s easy! Log into MemberDirect and follow these steps:

  1. go to Payments
  2. Add/Delete Payees
  3. Note Payee number of existing account
  4. Delete the existing Payee that you would like to change the name of
  5. Select ‘Add Payee’
  6. Search Payee by name or browse by type
  7. Select Payee
  8. Add Account Number
  9. Add Account Nickname
  10. Submit

'Change Personal Access Questions' Enhancement

If you need to access the MemberDirect ‘Change Personal Access Questions’ page you will not be able to view your previously answered questions. You will need to provide three new answers. Additional changes to the user experience of the Increased Authentication self-service ‘Change Personal Access Questions’ page will be made in the near future.

Error message with MemberDirect® Online Banking

If you receive an error when attempting to access MemberDirect, it could be your browser. MemberDirect has recently made changes for your protection. You may need to download one of the supported browsers. More info at

Central 1 will only test the operating system/browser combinations appearing in the table below when testing for MemberDirect Services.

ALERT: Mobile Banking Phishing Scam

EKC/Central 1 has been alerted to the presence of an SMS text messaging phishing scam that is contacting people across Canada. People receive an alert requesting that they call a toll free number because their account has been locked due to exceeding online attempts…Read More



British Columbia returns to PST as of April 1, 2013

Filing will not be available
PST filing will not be available through MemberDirect online banking. PST returns must be filed directly with the BC government.

Payment will be available
PST can be paid through MemberDirect online banking as a regular bill payment. As of April 24, it will be available as a bill payee under the name “BC – Prov Sales Tax.” This function will be available for all systems that use Central 1’s bill payment processing service in MDI, MDO, MDB and phone banking (IVR).

Instructions for customers who wish to pay PST through Online Banking:

  • Go to the bill payment page
  • Select the option to add a new payee
  • Search for the biller “BC – Prov Sales Tax”, enter your account number, and add it as a bill payee. In order for it to accept the number you must enter it without the dashes i.e. PST1234567
  • Go back to the bill payment page and make the PST payment, selecting “BC – Prov Sales Tax” as the biller to make the payment to.

No changes to existing GST/HST 34 form
The existing GST/HST 34 Filing and Remittance form within online banking will remain unchanged. It will continue to be used for HST in Ontario and GST for all provinces.

Online options for PST filing/payment – eTaxBC portal
The BC government has developed an online portal called eTaxBC for filing and payment of BC taxes, including PST.

Taxpayers can use this portal to set up a direct debit to pay their tax amounts. More information can be found on the BC government’s website.

We encourage EKC members to use this portal as a convenient way to remit PST online.

NEW! MemberDirect Alerts

EKC is now offering mobile alerts on the MemberDirect online banking site.

MemberDirect Alerts
The alerts feature allows our members to receive notifications about activity that has occurred on their accounts or in online banking, such as an attempt to change the members PAC. Such notifications, called “alerts”, also provide information concerning the account balance and activity:

  • new payee added
  • account has insufficient funds( Note: this alert is only available if you have overdraft protection (SAOD)
  • alert if a withdrawal is over a specified amount
  • alert if a deposit is over a specified amount

Alert Account Nicknames
Members are required to give their accounts short nicknames, which are used to identify their accounts in alerts messages. The use of nicknames prevents the transmission of information that can be used to identify individuals or accounts.

Registering for Alerts
In order to receive alerts via email or mobile phones, members must register an email or mobile phone contact via MemberDirect online banking.


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