Are You Looking For a New Place to Bank?

Discover all the Benefits of Becoming a Member

April 1, 2022 – January 31, 2023

For new members who open an account:

  • save over $400 in offers for account openings before January 31, 2023
  • one year operating account service charges waived – up to $20/month (personal) and 6 months for small business
  • up to $120 (personal) and $150 (small business) rebate on the annual fee on eligible Collabria Credit Cards (offers will change depending on current offers)
Contact your local branch to learn more.

Open a New Membership Account with EKC

Why do you join a credit union?

When you join EKC, you become an owner, and who doesn't want to own their financial institution? This is why at EKC we have members, not customers. Membership is open to everyone, with the minimum share requirement being $5. The $5 share is your money and receive dividends (link to dividend page). For $5 you have a voice, get to vote and can run for our Board of Directors. Where else does $5 buy so much!

A bit more about what a member means:

  • democratic and equal ownership in EKC
  • access to all services: banking; insurance at Kootenay Insurance Services; financial planning at EKC MoneyWorks
  • your deposits are 100% protected
  • the right to seek election to the Board of Directors
  • the right to vote in Director elections

All staff and the Board of Directors live in the East Kootenay and have a vested interest in our membership and are fully accountable and responsible for the successful operation of our organization.

Opening a new membership account with us is quick and easy. Follow the link or call to book an appointment!

Local Membership, Local Decisions Local Expertise

Understanding the local needs of our communities, the local economy and the local lifestyle is what makes us local experts!

We understand both the opportunities and the challenges presented by our local and regional economy. We are here for you when the mines have shut downs, and you don't have to explain to us why home prices in in Fernie are just a little bit more! Our head office is in Cranbrook and answering our phones is still a priority!

Why does this matter?

    • a caring approach (members are people, not account numbers)
    • experiential not transactional services
    • recommendations and decisions made with local interests in mind
    • responsiveness – decisions can be made in a timely fashion
    • sensitivity to commercial needs – addressed with appropriate urgency
    • money invested at EKC is in turn lent out to EKC members
    • we support members helping members and co-ops supporting co-ops.
    • We read every comment on our survey, prioritize and make changes based on what our members tell us
    • We have a different approach from our competitors:
      • Dividends are paid to our members (our shareholders) who generally live in our area and benefit locals.
      • EKC employees over 60 people who live locally

We value your decision to bank at EKC. We take the time to answer your questions, to explore options, and to develop solutions that best address your goals or challenges.

If this sounds like the place for you, become an EKC members today!