MEMBER CARD® Debit Card information

EKC's MEMBER CARD® Debit Card allows immediate and convenient access to your accounts via ATM or as a debit card at point of sale merchant terminals.

  • purchase directly from your EKC accounts
  • lower service fee than cheque or in-branch access
  • Canada-wide acceptance through ACCULINK®, Interac®, and THE EXCHANGE® networks
  • make a deposit using any of the deposit-taking Canadian ATMs on THE EXCHANGE network
  • U.S. and international use at ATMs and merchants displaying the CIRRUS® or THE EXCHANGE symbols
*transactions fees may apply based on your account

It's simple—no ATM surcharge fees

As a member, you can use your MEMBER CARD debit card at any ATM displaying THE EXCHANGE® or ACCULINK® logo, with no additional fees.

THE EXCHANGE® network is the second largest full-service ATM network in the province, including all BC credit unions, HSBC, and National Bank of Canada. This means that as an Envision Financial member, you can access your money when and where you want, without being 'dinged' with a surcharge. A surcharge is simply a fee that the owner of the ATM charges you for using their machine.

How large is large?

THE EXCHANGE® and ACCULINK® networks, provide you with access to over 3,300 ATMs Canada-wide.


      CHIP cards

      What is a chip card?
      A chip card is a debit card which has a microchip embedded into the plastic. It is virtually impossible to copy and provides further protection from fraud and identity theft. The PIN provides another layer of security as only you know your PIN.

      Why chip?
      Counterfeit fraud in Canada is on the rise, growing at almost 30% annually. Chip technology is a proactive way to protect Canadians from fraud ensuring consumer and merchant confidence in card payments.

      How does the new chip card work?
      Instead of swiping your card, it will be inserted into the terminal and remain there for the entire transaction. Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your PIN. When the transaction is complete, remove your card and wait for the receipt. It’s quick and easy and the card never leaves your sight.

      How can I protect my PIN?
      Think of your PIN as a key. Instead of unlocking the door to your house or car, your PIN unlocks your account.

      • keep your debit and credit cards in a safe place; don’t lend them to anyone
      • don’t tell anyone your PIN
      • never keep your PIN and your card in the same location
      • don’t let your card out of your sight when conducting a transaction
      • notify your branch if you detect any irregular activity on your accounts

      What information does a chip card contain?
      The embedded microchip in the card contains the same information that is currently on the magnetic strip – the card number, cardholder name and expiry date.

      Will my chip card still contain a magnetic stripe?
      It will take some time for all retail outlets to be set up with chip-enabled terminals. As a result, chip cards will have both the chip and the magnetic stripe. Therefore, you may experience both types of transactions – swipe or chip – for some time to come. If you are using your chip card at a location that does not yet have a chip-enabled terminal, your card will be swiped and the transaction will be completed as you do today.

      Why is the industry moving to chip cards?
      The move to chip card technology is the latest innovation in the rapidly changing payments environment, and demonstrates the industry’s efforts to prevent fraud and further secure Canadian electronic payments. Chip technology is a new generation of payment card technology that will make it virtually impossible for fraudsters to duplicate. This technology has been used in Europe and other parts of the world for several years.

      When will Canada be fully converted to chip cards?
      All ATMs must be converted by December 31, 2012 and retail terminals must be converted by December 31, 2015.

      What makes chip technology more secure than magnetic stripe?
      A chip is a mini computer, which will give the card the ability to store and process data securely. Unlike a magnetic stripe, this processing power makes it extremely difficult to copy and reproduce cards and card information. Secondly, this processing power is used together with cryptography (a series of mathematical algorithms) to allow the card and terminal to communicate with one another and carry out security checks to ensure the card is valid. Chip technology is based on a global standard known as Europay MasterCard® Visa® (EMV), a proven technology currently in wide use around the world. The EMV standard enables interoperability worldwide and offers a platform for security and service innovation that financial institutions can leverage. Once financial institutions have invested into this dynamic framework, they can continue to layer on security features in the future.

      Will my magnetic stripe work if I am travelling outside of Canada?
      You may use your magnetic stripe anywhere in the world where you see the Interac, Cirrus and the Exchange logos. Many countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America have already moved to the chip technology, with the exception of the US but they also accept the magnetic stripe cards.


      Can I use my PIN MEMBER CARD Debit Card for Internet shopping?
      Chip is only for face-to-face purchases. Internet, mail order or telephone order purchases will continue as they do today.

      What are the benefits of chip Cards for merchants?
      The benefits to merchants are numerous. Merchants may see fraud reduction, improved checkout speed, reduced credit card disputes and chargebacks. And because a PIN is a stronger method of authentication than signature, there will be a more consistent payment experience for credit and debit transactions.

      How do I get my PIN? How do I change my PIN?
      EKC members will receive a new MEMBER CARD Debit Card with the same existing PIN. If you want to change your PIN it can be done at any EKC Branch or Canadian ATM with the Exchange logo on the signage.

      What do I do with my current card?
      When you receive your new chip MEMBER CARD Debit Card, destroy your old magnetic stripe MEMBER CARD Debit Card by cutting it in half.

      Do I need to sign the back of my chip card?
      Yes, you will need to sign the back of your new chip MEMBER CARD Debit Card.

      I've seen ads for wallets that block the chip signal so people can’t steal my money. Should I get one?
      No. The chip used in debit cards and credit cards does not emit a signal. The only way to get information from the chip card is by inserting it into a chip-enabled retail terminal or ATM.

      With the chip card will I need to do anything to protect myself?
      Yes. Protect your PIN. As with the magnetic stripe card, if someone obtains or steals your chip card and has your PIN – or if you lose your wallet or purse and your PIN is written down in it somewhere – they will be able to make purchases and withdraw funds from your account.

      When will MEMBER CARD Debit Card chip cards be implemented at EKC?
      EKC will be sending out MEMBER CARD Debit Cards In April. Every financial institution has their own timetable to provide new cards to their members. Chip terminals will recognize both chip and magnetic stripe cards throughout the transition period, so you will be able to continue to use your magnetic stripe card where chip terminals are not yet available.

      What happens if I do not receive a chip card in the mail?
      If you have not received a new chip MEMBER CARD Debit Cards by May, 2012 please contact your branch.

      Have more questions?
      Please ask our staff at EKC or check EKCCU.COM.

      Lost or Stolen MEMBER CARD Debit Card?

      Debit Card Cancellation Hotline Service
      Security is top of mind for EKC and our members. It is imperative that members have the ability to protect their funds against potential fraudulent activity due to lost, stolen or compromised debit cards.

      An automated service is available to you to cancel your debit card in the event is lost, stolen or compromised. This service can be used outside of our operating hours.

      Toll Free 1.866.758.5678

      Before you place the call, please have your card number accessible. This number is the one on the front of your debit card. In the event of a missing card, you should record your card number and keep it in a safe place. However, never store your card number in the same location as your PIN (personal identification number). Also have a pen and paper on hand to record the reference number you will be given at the conclusion of the hotline phone call.

      It is also very important that you notify EKC at your earliest convenience to arrange for a replacement card.


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