Food for Kids

Kids should be hungry for knowlege — not breakfast

To date EKC has raised over $43,000 for Food for Kids and given back $74,000 to community groups.

EKC is proud to support Food for Kids, raising money for breakfast programs in Cranbrook schools. Thanks to members, schools and many businesses for their support.

Please stop by EKC in Cranbrook to support Food for Kids.

SD#5 Donation in 2016

Since 2007, Sharon Cameron and Diane Baher (now retired) with EKC staff have worked tirelessly to find ways to raise funds and awareness for breakfast programs in Cranbrook schools. EKC would like to thank all the others who have supported this important cause.

Left to right: Brenda Tyson, Kolby Mercer, Claudia Stambulic, Sharon Cameron, Devin Solberg, Micki DeCosse, Viveka Johnson, Carla Bohan, Lindsey DiMarcello, Jennifer Doll

KIDS SHOULD BE HUNGRY FOR KNOWLEDGE, NOT BREAKFAST! EKC presents SD#5 with $5,150 for the breakfast programs in Cranbrook schools. Since 2007, EKC is proud to have raised over $43,000 for Food For Kids.

Food for Kids Donations by EKC in 2011

These are just a few of the schools that received donations from EKC in 2011.


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