Community Giving


Begin the Community Giving Application. (PDF Form 1.22 MB) NOTE: PDF form requires use of Adobe Acrobat or Reader, not built-in viewers provided with mobile devices

EKC Community Giving Request Guide – Keys to Success
Several things help contribute to a good application. At EKC we would like to support your success. The following are a few ideas to include in your application and to use if you are not using already.
  • be clear on your objective
  • show leadership
  • introduce your team
  • demonstrate how your goals align with EKC
  • allow enough time for the application to be processed
  • be clear on what your success looks like
  • what are measurable indicators?
    (Some indicators are easier to measure than others. Try to find a combination of quantitative measures (e.g. number of volunteers, number of requests) and qualitative measures (e.g. public works administration notices and reports a reduction in litter in public parks - more of an anecdotal story)

Begin the Community Giving Application. (PDF Form 1.22 MB) NOTE: PDF form requires use of Adobe Acrobat or Reader, not built-in viewers provided with mobile devices

Community Giving
Decisions on community giving are made at the local level – to ensure we are meeting the unique needs of each community we are part of. If your event, activity or program aligns well with our program, we'd like to hear from you.

Last year, staff, management and the Board of Directors donated numerous volunteer hours, and EKC contributions totaled over $100,000.

EKC invests in our communities through a number of great programs and initiatives, focusing on:

  • Community Programs
  • Youth Education
  • Festivals and Tournaments
  • Health Initiatives
  • Recreation Programs
  • Culture

East Kootenay Community Credit Union accepts community giving applications year-round. We appreciate having as much lead time as possible. The greater the notice we're given, the better decisions we can make regarding your application. Typically four weeks is required. Previous support by EKC does not guarantee approval of your application, and not all eligible requests can be funded.

Ineligible applicants or projects that do not align with EKC values may include:

  • government entities
  • political parties
  • for profit organizations
  • causes which carry a religious bias or other religious activities
  • private businesses (could support an event supported by the private business if it is valued by membership)
  • 100% operating or administrative costs, wages, retroactive funding, deficit reduction
  • donations that are outside trade area that do not benefit the cooperative moment
  • requests from national organizations or organizations that do not provide a direct benefit to EKC communities
  • individual pursuits or interests that are primarily for personal gain

Some of the factors considered in local decision making include:

  • overall fit with EKC’s values
  • level of impact on communities we serve
  • supporting documents to help show your plan is well researched, your budget is accurate and ability to share your story.

Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email within two days. Within four weeks you will be contacted by EKC. If you do not receive a confirmation email please contact us again.

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