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Get Your Share at EKC

Receive $200 when you open an account set up with a recurring automatic payment or deposit, or when you transfer your business chequing account.

To show you how much we appreciate your referrals, we’ll give you a $25 credit for each friend you refer who sucessfully opens an account.

At EKC being a member means more than having an account…

What is a Member? EKC cash card Is EKC right for you? Ready to take the next step? Still have questions?

Are you looking for genuine, personal service and accountability? If so you may want to consider EKC. Kootenay born and raised we find ways to make things happen, work out solutions together and reflect the meaning or the words, ‘together through life’ in everything we do. You become a member – an owner and together we work with you to achieve your goals. We work with you to build budgets so you can buy your first truck, purchase your home, send your kids to college, and save for retirement. We recognize it isn’t always easy but after years of helping our members succeed we are pretty good at it.

So what does that mean? We sit down and tailor your choices where ever possible to fit your life even better. It’s never the flavour of the week. Your success is our success...not the other way around.

What do you want? To retire at 45? Maybe your student debt to be less than a house? Or moving out from your parents and buying your first home before you turn 30? At EKC we can explain how to achieve goals, stick with them and help you build money habits that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Try US!

Service: We have all the technology and convenience you need to bank the way you want to bank. But we're also here to talk to you every step of the way. Sometimes a conversation makes your dream a bit more real.

Top Five Reasons to Join EKC

  1. Together through life At EKC we make sure you’re ready for each stage of your life with products and services that help you achieve your goals. Anyone can join a credit union — 1 in 3 British Columbians already have!
  2. You’re our bottom line You own us, not the other way around. EKC leads other financial institutions by sharing profits with our members and our communities via patronage rewards, dividends, scholarships and donations.
  3. More local EKC staff provide 100% of all approvals, including loans and mortgages. This flexibility allows unique products and services based on member needs — just ask any personal or business member. Any member can run for a seat on our local Board of Directors.
  4. 100% deposit protection At EKC, depositors are 100% protected* by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.
  5. Excellent rates and low service charges Enjoy earning patronage rewards on all your accounts. EKC’s unique Community Bond has excellent rates with special redemption features. Loans and mortgages have competitive rates and we offer a special bonus for first time homeowners.

Why switch to EKC?

At EKC we put people before profits. You're more important than the size of your wallet. As a member, you share in the ownership of your credit union and you get to enjoy superior service from a financial institution that contributes to the local community.


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*B.C. Credit Union Deposits are 100% guaranteed by the Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.


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