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  • Insuring Your Home Based Business

    You buy insurance to protect your home, but have you done the same for your home-based business? Your enterprise faces unique risks – risks your home insurance policy may not cover. PDF 554 KB

  • PST Tips : Farewell HST April 2013

    The GST and PST transition is now complete, but the question for many small business owners is how to determine when to charge, or when not to charge the PST. PDF 200 KB

  • Blueprint for Self-Employment Success

    Over half of the Canadian labour force is either self-employed or working for a small business with less than 50 employees. Every year, thousands of new small businesses created—and thousands of those go bankrupt within the first year of operation. If you want to join this intrepid army of business owners, how can you ensure your success? PDF 232 KB

  • Converging Home and Office

    If you have your office in the basement, you are not alone. According to Statistics Canada, roughly 8% of Canadians do some or all of their work at home. With an Internet connection, it is possible to sit alone in suburbia and conduct an international business. Home office workers claim to enjoy a healthier balance between work and family, working more effectively because they are happier. If you are considering joining the stay-at-home workforce, here are some important factors to consider. PDF 175 KB

  • Exploring the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP)

    Are you looking to boost your employability through training or education? Then the Government of Canada’s Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) could be just what you need to make this investment both practical and affordable. PDF 229 KB

  • Surviving a Job Loss

    Clearly, the termination of employment is a traumatic event, but it can be especially shocking when you don’t see it coming. Surviving this sudden loss of income will require a prudent financial plan and some short- and mid-term lifestyle changes. This article provides helpful tips to your members on how they can weather the job loss storm. 200 KB

  • Work-Life Balance

    Business coaches say the trick to finding work-life balance is to treat family and personal needs with as much respect as work. That means scheduling a massage along with an important conference call, and preventing work from bleeding into family and leisure time. This article offers simple tips to achieve work-life balance. PDF 175 KB

  • Creating a Business Succession Plan

    Succession planning is about developing a framework to transfer ownership of your enterprise while maximizing its value, minimizing disruptions, and reassuring customers and employees. It’s an important task to manage properly, especially if you’re relying on wealth from your business to secure your retirement. PDF 174 KB

  • Deposit Anywhere™: A Must-Have for Your Small Business

    Introducing...Deposit Anywhere™, our mobile alternative to making a trip to your branch. This add-on to the EKC mobile app allows you to remotely deposit cheques using our mobile banking app and your phone’s camera anywhere, anytime! PDF 217 KB

  • Should You Incorporate Your Business?

    It’s a question you’ll have to ask yourself when you’re the owner of a growing enterprise. Incorporating your small business can deliver numerous financial and legal benefits, but it won’t always be a wise move. Here are a few of the pros and cons to weigh to help you decide. PDF 196 KB


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