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  • Gifts that Teach the Value of Money

    This year, before you wait in the rain or snow to buy your child the latest must-have toy, consider giving a financial-related gift instead. This article recommends various types of financial gifts that teach the importance of sound money management and investment practices. PDF 193 KB

  • I Will… Make a Will

    Only 70 percent of Canadians actually have a written will. Some people procrastinate, while others find the idea too morbid. But dying without a will is not advised. This article explains the simple steps to making a will, and includes valuable resources for more information. PDF 199 KB

  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)

    Post-secondary education in Canada isn't cheap. But just how expensive is it? PDF 225 KB

  • RESP – The Free Money Angle

    Families with modest incomes can still help put their kids through post-secondary education with smart planning and a boost from government grants and matching funds. PDF 186 KB

  • Teaching Your Children to Manage Money

    Some parents may not realize that one of their most important jobs is to teach their children about the basics of money management. Don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. This article offers valuable tips to help you teach your children how to save, invest and handle money responsibly. PDF 185 KB

  • The Importance of a Will

    Despite the well-known consequences of not writing a will, many people procrastinate or never get around to writing one at all. This could make life difficult for those who survive you. This article outlines the importance of writing a will and the consequences of not having one. PDF 200 KB

  • Your Inheritance: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

    Millions of Canadians will inherit an estimated $1 trillion from their Depression-era relatives in the next 20 years. If you’re among them, what you do with your share can make the difference between a comfortable lifestyle and a rags-to-riches-to-rags story. This article offers advice on how to effectively manage an inheritance. PDF 184 KB

  • Getting The Most Out of an RESP

    Families can help put their kids through post-secondary education with smart planning and a boost from both federal and provincial government grants and matching funds. PDF 179 KB


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