COVID-19 Member FAQs

April 1, 2020

We understand you will have questions about our credit union and how it may affect you.

During the immense change, we ask for your understanding as we navigate your credit union and we will do our best to open and honest about what we know.

Will I still be able to access my funds and/or my accounts in the event of a local COVID-19 outbreak?

Yes. We have comprehensive plans in place to continue delivering our banking services and financial advice to members, including access to funds and/or accounts regardless of whether or not any temporary EKC location closures occur.

We encourage the use of mobile, telephone and digital channels that are available 24/7. We recommend, if you do not have an ATM card or you are not signed up for MemberDirect (online and phone banking). Please call your branch. Contact Us

EKC’s ATMs remain accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Remember, you can use any ATM on the Exchange network, free of charge – this includes ATMs of most other credit unions, and HSBC ATMs.

How will I know if my branch is closed or the hours have changed?

As we navigate this dynamic situation, we are required to adapt to the branch experience. Things may change quickly. Branch hours have shortened and phone service has extended. Please follow us on Facebook or Contact Us on our website EKCCU.COM

What service do you offer after the branches are closed for the day?

Branch staff may be working when the doors are closed. EKC also offers after-hour technical assistance. Contact Us


Cranbrook: 250.426.6666
Elkford: 250.865.4661
Fernie: 250.423.9222
Sparwood: 250.910.9222
Commercial: 250.417.4721
EKC MoneyWorks: 250.426.6694 or Toll Free 866.533.5533

After hours technical assistance: 1.877.251.5230 (in North America) or email Technical Support.

What service does the after-hour technical assistance offer?

Technical Support services include:

Online banking

  • Mobile banking
  • Fraud alerts and prevention
  • Unlock and reset passwords
  • Assistance with self serve options i.e. email money transfers
  • Adding vendors for bill payments
  • Exporting your info into personal financial management software
  • Transfers (one time, future dated and reoccurring)
  • Account information (balances)

Lost or stolen debit card:

  • Confirm cancellation of your MemberCard and notify your branch

ATM support services:

  • Branch locations
  • Follow up needed by the branch to the member
  • Card not returned
  • If the full amount of withdrawal is not received
  • No receipt received
  • Screen or keyboard not working
  • The deposit was not accepted

How do I access the Mortgage and Loan Relief Program?

Call or email us. More information is located here.

How does EKC’s Mortgage and Loan Relief Program work?

EKC Mortgage & Loan Relief Program can help you or your business meet your financial obligations and will NOT affect your credit score. Qualification is not based on credit cheques or new applications and you are eligible to request the relief program regardless of how long you have had the mortgage or loan.

A mortgage or loan payment deferral means that you will not be required to make interest or regular payments on your mortgage or loans for up to 6 months, if you qualify. During the time you defer your mortgage payments, interest will continue to accrue, so your payments will be slightly higher after the deferral period ends. You will pay more interest over the life of your loan or mortgage, but a deferral will also help you with your short-term cash flow.

Where can I find my account information? I have been asked for my direct deposit information.

You can find your direct deposit information in one of two places.

If you have a cheque for your account, then you'll see the direct deposit information you need printed on the bottom of the front of your cheque.

Or log in to EKC’s MemberDirect online banking and go to the ‘Account Services’ menu. To print the information of a void cheque, go to your account you would like the deposit to go in and click the void cheque icon. It will bring you to a page with your information! More info.

What precautions is EKC taking to prevent COVID-19 in its locations?

We’re following direction from the Government of Canada and the Government of B.C. and taking proactive measures to ensure our members and our employees are optimally protected. We are also working with employees to understand their individual circumstances during this unprecedented time.

To date EKC has done the following:

  • Increased sanitization of our workspaces and member service areas
  • Promoting ‘best in class’ hygiene practices by all employees
  • Added informative signage and floor decals
  • Implemented new work stations to comply with social distancing and separation of staffing who work in the same area.
  • Enabled work-from-home arrangements wherever possible
  • Protecting our employees and members by discontinuing in-person appointments to the branch unless absolutely necessary and prompting non-branch delivery channels and phone appointments
  • Working with our members to use digital signing technology to allow for signing credit union documents on the phone or computer
  • Added protective shields for front line employees in Cranbrook and working on the Elk Valley branches
  • Purchased a significant supply of hand sanitizer from local vendors
  • Added security at the front door of Cranbrook and door monitoring at the other branches to maintain social distancing protocol
  • Reduced branch hours
  • Requiring isolation to employees who are sick, travelled outside of Canada or in a place where more than 50 people congregated

Can you still help me if I’m concerned about my financial situation because of COVID-19’s broader implications?

EKC is here to answer your questions and work with you to find solutions. If you’re concerned about your investments in light of current market volatility, reach out to EKC or EKC MoneyWorks. We have the expertise to help you navigate temporary instabilities and achieve your long-term goals.

Am I at risk for fraud because of the COVID-19 situation?

Unfortunately, some individuals will see these times as an opportunity to take advantage of people. In your online or phone interactions, always use safe internet, email, text messaging and phone practices. Never click links that ask you to update personal information and never give out personal information on the phone. The only time we may need to verify your identity over the phone is when you call us. If you have any concerns, please call us. More information is available here Avoiding COVID-19 Related Fraud.

Does my EKC Collabria credit card offer travel insurance?

EKC credit cards are provided through Collabria. Please visit their website to view all card benefits and features.

What changes did the Government of Canada announced about the 2020 RRIF minimum amount changes?

On March 18, 2020 the Government of Canada announced a flexible 25% reduction of the required 2020 RRIF minimum payment to provide relief to concerned seniors who are required to redeem assets in this volatile market. If interested members need to contact EKC and have their 2020 RRIF payment information updated.