Member Feedback Policy

Member Feedback Policy

Our Member Feedback Policy provides a framework to confirm that feedback received is handled in an appropriate and effective way. The policy aims to bring member input into the operation of our credit union, to acknowledge areas of excellence, and to remedy any instance of member dissatisfaction or complaint.

The more feedback we can get from our members, the better our service offering can meet the ever-changing needs and expectations of our membership. As such, feedback of all types is actively encouraged. Suggestions, ideas, compliments, complaints, or anything else – it is all welcome.

Issues, Concerns, or Complaints

Complaints and member dissatisfaction are things that’s we actively strive to minimize, but are undoubtedly a part of doing business. As such, we want members to have a clear pathway in voicing any issues or concerns.

The steps below highlight the best way to formally provide feedback to EKC.

Providing Feedback

Step 1:
Bring your feedback directly to an employee of EKC. This can be done in-person, by email, or by phone. Employees at EKC are empowered with the resources needed to remedy the majority of service issues or concerns.

If you do not have direct contact with someone at EKC by phone or email, you can send your feedback to:

Phone: 1.866.960.6666

  • If you are submitting an issue, concern, or complaint, the employee who is first made aware of the issue will attempt to resolve the issue with their team.
  • If you have submitted a compliment, idea, or suggestion, the employee will provide this information to the management team through a formalized process. Thank you.

Step 2:
If the employee first contacted is unable to resolve your issue or concern, they will then refer the complaint to a manager or supervisor. Depending on the situation, the manager or supervisor may be immediately available to help or may need to contact you at a later time. If they are currently unavailable, the employee will confirm the best way to reach you.

Step 3:
If the manager or supervisor is unable to resolve the issue, they will refer the matter to the CEO for review and remedy. The CEO will relay any action and feedback to the manager or supervisor, who will then contact you with an update. The CEO, in certain cases, may instead make direct contact with you.

Step 4:
If the CEO is unable to resolve the issue, the member will be informed as such. EKC tracks all such instances, and the matter will be heard by the Board of Directors during a quarterly review process. However, you may also formally put your issue in writing, and send directly to the EKC Board of Directors.

This can be done by:

  • Mailing a physical letter to:
    EKCCU Board of Directors - ATTN: Pam Pinch
    920 Baker Street
    Cranbrook, BC V1C 1A5

All matters formally submitted to the Board, will be appropriately reviewed and discussed within the policy framework of EKC. The Board will determine if there is a need for follow-up, and if so, will assign someone to contact you via the information available to EKC.

Step 5:
If you have gone through all four steps above, and you feel that your issue has not been properly addressed, you can submit your complaint to the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI). Our credit union is a member of this group, which is tasked with ensuring that member feedback is heard, and when appropriate, acted upon. Complaints can also be directly sent to the provincial regulator, BC Financial Services Authority.

Submit to OSBI using THIS LINK >