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EKC Perks

EKC full time and part time employees receive competitive benefits such as health insurance and pension. We offer medical insurance, extended health care, life insurance, dental care and short and long-term disability insurance as well as staff rates on mortgages and loans, paid vacation, family care and bereavement leave for eligible employees, to name a few. All full time and part time employees have access to a confidential and comprehensive ‘Employee and Family Assistance Program’.

Career Development

EKC’s annual performance and development planning gives employees an opportunity to align their career goals. Employees are coached and supported to develop plans to grow personally and professionally within the organization.

We are committed to providing employees with professional development opportunities at all levels of the organization. Employees are encouraged to take responsibility for their careers and are financially supported with access to education, training and career planning resources. We offer new employee orientation, new manager training, an internal coaching program, sales and service training, online training, plus more!

Message From Our CEO

At EKC our vision is to be ‘the financial institution of choice’. You may hear other financial institutions talking about double and triple bottom line. At EKC our focus is a little different. Our strategic objectives include:

  1. Members
  2. Staff
  3. Community
  4. Financial

I invite you to see if we are a fit for you.

Jody Burk, EKC CEO

Jody Burk, CEO

EKC's Values

EKC is supportive of our employees, who in turn are generous in giving back to their communities. Our staff and Directors come together across departments to be actively involved in programs which encourage the cultural, social, educational and physical well-being of the people in the East Kootenay. About EKC - Our Vision and Mission

More Questions

What if I am interested in applying but there are no current opportunities posted?
We encourage you to submit a resume and cover letter at any time for any positions that interest you. When an opportunity becomes available, we always review resumes on file from qualified applicants.

How will I know that you have received my resume?
Applicants who have been shortlisted for any job opportunity will be contacted directly by our Human Resources team.

What are the steps in the recruitment process?
We know how important it is to employee satisfaction and business success to match the right people to the right jobs, so we take a focused approach in our recruitment activities to ensure a great match.

1. Review Résumés. We review all resumes and cover letters to identify candidates who appear to possess the required knowledge, skills and abilities for the position. Applications from candidates who do not meet the position qualifications will be kept for future consideration for opportunities better suited to their skills.
2. Follow up by Telephone. A member of our HR Team will follow up with candidates whose qualifications appear to match the position requirements to confirm interest and to gain more detailed information if required.
3. Conduct Formal Interviews. We meet in person with the final candidates to fully explore the match between the candidate, the organization and the position. We use behaviour and scenario based panel interviews and may ask the candidate to complete relevant assessments at this time.
4. Notify Interviewed Candidates of Selection Decision.
Once a decision has been made by the panel, we will notify all interviewed candidates by e-mail or telephone of the final selection decision.

How long will EKC keep my resume?
We will keep your resumes on file, for consideration for any suitable positions, for a period of twelve months.


"I started working at EKC 27 years ago when I was 16. I have had the opportunity to further my education while working for EKC. I have been able to achieve a Diploma in Business Administration and a Fellow of the Credit Union Institute of Canada designation as well as a Payroll Compliance Practitioner. In addition, I have had the opportunity to take many other training courses to enhance my career at EKC."

- Sheri Betker, FCUIC, PCP

"EKC has allowed me to grow in my career by giving me the tools and training to succeed.  After 27 years, I am still continually challenging myself with new opportunities in the organization. Without EKC’s commitment and belief in their employees this would not be possible."

- Tammy Boe, CAMS