Your remarkable journey starts here.

Regardless of where you are in life, you deserve to be treated with honesty, integrity and trust.
Whether you're in school or just starting out in your career, that's exactly what you'll get from your credit union — a true partner who's invested in your future, with all the financial tools you need to beremarkable.

Why a credit union?
Banks know you as a number. Credit unions know you by name. That's because banks are in the business of making a profit for their shareholders, whereas credit unions are cooperatives focused on the betterment of the communities they serve. As a result, we put our focus on the financial well-being of our members.

The Money Wizard

You own us. (Instead of the other way around.)
At a credit union, you don't need deep pockets to feel like you own the place. Because you actually do. Regardless of your age or the size of your account, every credit union member is an owner, and not just a select few.

That means equal share, equal vote and equal say. Best of all, anyone can join. One in three British Columbians already have.

We invest in good karma.
More affordable loans, higher return on savings, lower fees, innovative products and services- the bigger we grow, the more we give back to our members and our communities. In fact, credit unions across Canada give back over $40 million each year to local initiatives, including scholarships and bursaries for deserving students. It's just good karma.

We've got what you need.
From chequing and savings accounts to credit cards, access to over 3,000 ding free™ ATMs and mobile banking on your phone, we've got all your day-to-day banking needs covered. And when it comes to the bigger goals in your life, we can help you with mortgages, RRSPs, loans and more.

…And what you want.
All financial products aside, we pride ourselves on treating people with respect. So it's no wonder that credit unions continually rank higher than banks in customer service and satisfaction.
There's no pressure, no pitches and no hassles-just straight up friendly service and honest financial advice.

Care to join?
Anyone can become a member of any credit union. In other words, anyone can be remarkable. Have a look below for details on our account package(s) specifically designed to meet your own unique needs. Be sure to visit for more information, and for help locating a branch near you.

What we have for you.

  • Low fee chequing & savings accounts
    Save money on everyday banking.
  • A student loan
    Help you through school.
  • No-fee credit card
    Build credit without an annual fee.

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