Member Advantage

Member Advantage is a high-interest savings account with access to your money whenever you need it. It gives you both value and convenience. Access your money when you need to while earning daily interest on your hard earned funds.EKC offers a competitive interest rate and two free transactions per month.

You can access your Member Advantage account with your MEMBER CARD Debit Card, MEMBERLINK, MemberDirect online banking and write cheques.

View your transactions on a monthly statement and interest is paid monthly on closing daily balance.

Member Advantage COMMERCIAL is now available providing additional tiers for members that carry large balances.

FREE MEMBERLINK® Telephone Banking and FREE MemberDirect® Online Banking

§ FREE deposits include: teller, ATM and direct
* Basic transactions include: withdrawals, cheques, transfers
** Electronic transactions include: EKC ATM, OTHER Canadian C.U. ATMs, Direct payment (POS), auto debits, transfers (ATM, MEMBERLINK and MemberDirect)