EKC works with Concentra to help expand business solutions for our members. With competitive pricing, innovative financing structures and superior service, the team of leasing specialists and EKC can help you deliver a lease financing alternatives.

Why Lease?

There are seven key reasons to consider leasing:

  1. Simple application process
  2. Frees up capital
  3. Preserves lines of credit for other uses
  4. Potential tax advantages / accelerated depreciation
  5. Longer terms, flexible fixed payments, higher residuals
  6. Generally, no additional collateral required
  7. Facilitates maintenance of financial covenants

Benefits of Leasing

  • cash flow advantage
    • leasing provides higher percentage financing (up to 100%)
    • lower payments due to end of term residual value
  • off balance sheet lending that does not interfere with established credit
  • taxes are not paid in advance, they are paid on each payment during the term of the lease
  • access to the latest equipment and technology which enhances productivity
  • possible tax savings – contact your professional accountant to discuss

Eligible Equipment

  • heavy equipment for construction, mining, forestry and energy sectors
  • office equipment
  • utility and vocational use trucks and trailers
  • medical diagnostic systems
  • computer networks and communications
  • production, packaging and material handling equipment
  • machine tools and robotics

Non Eligible Equipment

  • consumer leases
  • passenger vehicles or trucks under 46,200 lbs. except utility vehicles
  • real property
  • restaurant and bar equipment
  • recreational equipment
  • start up ventures

EKC Preferred Leasing Areas

  • bus and ambulance services
  • waste management
  • construction
  • equipment
  • hospitals
  • professional services
  • public sector – government

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