Commercial Credit Cards

EKC is proud to partner with CUETS® Financial, the dominant credit union Mastercard® credit card issuer in Canada. You get the purchasing power of a worldwide credit card, while knowing that EKC is protecting your interests.

For your business or for you personally, there's a Mastercard to meet your needs. For more information, or to apply for Mastercard in person, please visit any branch of EKC.

SecureCode Service for increased security with Mastercard®

SecureCode is a service offered free of charge by Mastercard Worldwide that cardholders can use to increase the security of Internet transactions. Enhanced security is accomplished by adding a password to their Mastercard card number.

To activate the service, the cardholder follows the instructions on the SecureCode website After successful activation, the cardholder will be asked to provide their card number and password when purchasing items from Internet merchants subscribing to the SecureCode service.

The SecureCode service provides a number of benefits to the cardholder, the merchant and the card issuer, including:

  • The reduction of fraudulent Internet credit card purchases.
  • Alleviating cardholder concerns that their card number will be used fraudulently.
  • A reduction in the number of fraudulent purchases that must be paid for by the merchant.
  • Providing the issuer with a competitive advantage and a reduction of liability for fraudulent Internet activity.
  • Cardholders who require assistance registering for the SecureCode service can call their branch.

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